Counseling & Psychotherapy

Currently, in Korea, the reality is that most psychiatrists practice pharmacotherapy instead of psychotherapy. Therefore it is difficult to find a psychiatrist who specializes in psychotherapy, and even more difficult to find one who can counsel patients in English.

But, Dr. Park has been diligently practicing psychotherapy, and he has also worked as an organizing committee member at the 16th International Congress of Psychotherapy in Seoul in 1994. The title of this event was "The Integration of Psychotherapy, East & West."


Since then he has tried to integrate Eastern and Western psychotherapy not only in his Korean patients but also in his foreign patients as well. From his experiences, he has come to conclude that it is more important to understand Western culture and Eastern culture rather than speaking fluent English.

So he has been able to treat many foreigners, and there have been cases in which treatment was successful. On that note, if you are looking to receive psychotherapy in Seoul, then he believes that he will be able to help you.


Couples Therapy

Dr. Park is a well known specialist in marital counseling and family problems. He has written two bestseller about marital counseling. One is “Lovers! Marry after you have fought” and the other is “Finding your self within Love.” He counsels many celebrity couples as well as interracial marriage couples.


Dr. Park has appeared many times on broadcast programs for the couples at KBS, MBC, EBS, etc. He believes that the source of all human suffering stem from parents not being able solve their own conflicts and maintaining  unhealthy relationships, which create an adverse environment for children to grow up healthy and well adjusted.


Dr. Park has been trying to deal with these issues for several decades, because the therapy for couples and family issues are considered the most important in the psychiatric field.


Child & Adolescent Counseling

Dr. Park is not only a general psychiatrist but also a certified expert in child-
adolescent psychiatry as he completed a fellowship for child and adolescent psychiatry in Seoul National University Hospital. He is a member of Korean Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

He has counseled many child and teenage patients, and has been providing consultation with school counselors at Seoul Foreign School (SFS), Dulwich College School (DCSL) in Seoul, and Chadwick International School in Incheon as well as a number of other schools.


Dr. Park always emphasizes the importance of mental health during childhood and adolescence because it is the quickest and most effective to prevent and treat emotional issues early on before problems develop into more serious mental illnesses in adulthood. Don’t forget “The earlier, the Better” is paramount in the treatment of Child & Adolescent Mental Issues.


Medication Counseling

We can carry the latest medications, for adult ADHD, Depression, Panic-Anxiety, Insomnia. These days nearly all of the medications used in the U.S. are available here too.

So don’t worry about getting those medications in Korea.
As you know, you need the prescription to receive medication, but if you want your confidentiality to be kept, you can also get medication directly from the psychiatric clinic without prescription.


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